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How difficult it is to surrender to the divine plan and have faith in the universe? How difficult it s to love and respect yourself enough and know that no situation or person is worth taking your life for? 
Nothing lasts forever. Not even bad times, not even good times
We must take responsibility and charge of pain, grief, anger, guilt, self destruction, hopelessness, way too many high expectations and our negative emotions. Pain s inevitable but suffering is a choice.

Creating a healthier happier generation

You got maximum attention when you fell ill, when you cried, when you threw tantrums, when you got angry, threw your toys around, when you refused to eat your meals...this is human nature and if you don’t grow out of it you cross the line of sanity and end up believing "this is the only way" to get attention. Then these patterns become a part of your personality. And you do irreparable damage to self and others. In most cases, the root cause of acute mental illness lies in our childhood. Be grateful if your parents never gave you or took shit from you.