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#Vipasna ( buddhism 10days silence program & Meditation) taught me

If someone is angry, its because they feel helpless & weak. remember, anger is weak man's strength. pray they feel empowered and in control of their emotions.

If someone is demeaning you, its because they feel inferior about themselves. its their way of putting you down and feeling good about themselves.bless them that they feel confident and happy about their life.

It's summer time..!!

Do you love sea ,sand and sunshine but you are always in a dilemma of "to be or not to be" in the sun!!! Well, join the gang. As much as i love sun shine and taking sunbaths I dislike the way my skin tans.. It gets pigmented ,partially tan and my face becomes 50 shades greyer than the rest of my body. You can wear full sleeves Linnen, long summer maxis and protect your body but how does one protect facial skin!!
Here are some tips :

Are you Overly protective, possessive parent ?

Recently i came across a couple of interesting articles on human psychology. Few cases, blogs, writing shared by professional therapists councillors about the real root cause of conflicts between parents and adult child amazed me.