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Not so long ago I decided to get my 3rd tattoo done. I always loved the philosophy and mythology behind phoenix bird. Every time I felt low, hopeless, drained, challenged I looked up images of golden phoenix and seeked inspiration. While talking to my boyfriend he fed this idea in my mind of him wanting to get a phoenix tattoo done. I decided to be the copy cat and stole his idea just as I stole his beautiful heart and got a phoenix tattoo done. I wanted it to be special and remind me of being courageous. To be fearless, be forgiving, have a heart filled with compassion.


A poem i wrote spontaneous during lunch hrs of a shoot. A dedication to sensei (Japanese term for guru) founder of Soak Gakkai Buddhist Japanese organization
                            FAITH 信
I knew it wasn’t the end, I wasn’t done yet, 
How could life be so harsh, and tear me apart.
I fell to the ground, decided to break free and be unbound... 
Like a phoenix, I rose from those burnt ashes... earnestly learnt my gongyo
fearlessly chanted nam myoho renge kyo

Fear (inspired by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev)

Fear is love standing upside down. Everything can be interpreted with love can be interpreted with fear. A child clinging to its mother can be understood in ways, love and fear. This primal instinct of fear can be totally transformed through awareness of divine love.

Fear is an impression of the past reflecting the future of the present. When people deny fear, they become egocentric; when they recognize and accept fear; they go beyond it - they become free from it.