Do you fear confronting and expressing!!??

"This world would be a much better place if people talked to each other than talking about each other"

life partner

Thank you Singapore marathi mandal blog "rutugandha" for giving me an opportunity to write an article. Coincidently their January 2017 magazine topic was "life partner" (jodidaar).

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Dear Brides to be

As the big day approaches it’s obvious to have your heart rate shoot up, have those mini nervous breakdowns, emotions on a rollercoaster ride, crying for no reason, silly fights with your fiancé, handling a crazy snappy mother who’s suddenly feeling unloved cause daughters attention is on her future partner and she is busy getting to know her in-laws, emotional drama of some family members. Temporary contraceptives making you moody, and "yours truly" having days when she finds herself being a big drama queen.