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#Vipasna ( buddhism 10days silence program & Meditation) taught me

If someone is angry, its because they feel helpless & weak. remember, anger is weak man's strength. pray they feel empowered and in control of their emotions.

If someone is demeaning you, its because they feel inferior about themselves. its their way of putting you down and feeling good about themselves.bless them that they feel confident and happy about their life.

If someone is jealous its because you remind them of the success they never had. pray they receive abundance and receive opportunities to grow in their respective life path.

If someone is argumentative its because somewhere deep down they haven't found closure to many things they experienced in their past. stay quiet and pray they find answers to questions frustrating them.

look at anything and Everything with the eyes of compassion. cause your reaction is your #karma. thoughts and emotions being provoked in you because of others behavior has power to change your vibe and eventually your life