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Not so long ago I decided to get my 3rd tattoo done. I always loved the philosophy and mythology behind phoenix bird. Every time I felt low, hopeless, drained, challenged I looked up images of golden phoenix and seeked inspiration. While talking to my boyfriend he fed this idea in my mind of him wanting to get a phoenix tattoo done. I decided to be the copy cat and stole his idea just as I stole his beautiful heart and got a phoenix tattoo done. I wanted it to be special and remind me of being courageous. To be fearless, be forgiving, have a heart filled with compassion. I got Punjabi Gurumukhi enscripted in the phoenix wings "nirbhau nirvair" a quote from the Sikh prayer ikk onkar. The final design inspired me to write this poem.

A dedication to my future life partner


Cast me off my beauty, title, success, power, personal sentiments, and assets and see my aching soul hidden underneath these vain ornaments. Tell me if you like this wounded body!! Tell me how much beauty you find in my scars and my imperfections!!

Look deep in my eyes and promise you will never let go off the person I am and I will be. I know, I haven’t been this way ever before and I won't be the same...

My wit, my intellect, my sensitivity, my laughter... my thrills, my conversions skills... may be everything will die one day... burst into millions of pieces and get scatteered...

May be the fire in me will burn my existence.

Will you collect those ashes and watch me rise from them again and again??