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It's summer time..!!

Do you love sea ,sand and sunshine but you are always in a dilemma of "to be or not to be" in the sun!!! Well, join the gang. As much as i love sun shine and taking sunbaths I dislike the way my skin tans.. It gets pigmented ,partially tan and my face becomes 50 shades greyer than the rest of my body. You can wear full sleeves Linnen, long summer maxis and protect your body but how does one protect facial skin!!
Here are some tips :
1) sunscreen.. Sunscreen and sunscreen... I'm sure that's the first word in your summer shopping list .make sure you apply loads of dermatologically tested hydrating oilfree moisturiser before applying sunblock. The chemicals in it might make your skin dry and irritated

2)wearing base is always a debatable task. I feel,applying thin concealer or dabbing some compact on your T zone is something u cannot skip. This takes care of excess oil from your face and a thin layer of base also provides sun protection

3) say no to gel eye liner or coal ..unless you wish to carry Avril Lavigne Gothic look. Thick brows, water spoof mascara,cream blush highlighter on cheekbones and liptint will complete your summer look.. May be experimenting with green blue waterproof eyeliners is a great idea

3)avoid hair products no matter how tempted you are to have that extra bounce on your crown hair. Sprays May block your pores giving u itchy scalp due to humidity. High messy bun and long earrings dangling till your collarbones or big hoops like J-lo will enhance beauty of your neck making it appear longer. This look goes with summer casual wear for brunches or wine n cheese day events, or with formal English knee-length dresses for polo matches & champaign launches

4) a must have in your handbag.. Underarm roll on and hand sanitizer. You don't want to be in an embarrassing situation and have people finding excuses to run away from you.

5) lastly, don't skip exfoliation and lots of skin hydrating night ritual. This allows regeneration of cells and helps removing tan faster