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Do you fear confronting and expressing!!??

"This world would be a much better place if people talked to each other than talking about each other"
How many of us think twice before expressing, because they fear being judged or we are not sure about trusting the other person. How many of us manipulate and modify a simple straight thought cause they feel they might end up upsetting someone, and not be liked by that person anymore. And how many of us just don't express at all purely cause our egos are so big to convey that certain things are bothering us or are provoking negative emotions in times we simply fear that our weak anxious minds,playing games with us and we are afraid to expose that dark, weak side of our mind to the other person cause again we fear the statement "how could you think this way!!"
Sometimes it's our 'so called love' which makes you not confront to your loved ones that they are unknowingly upsetting and hurting you. Cause some of us like making our lives complicated by not being honest enough with our own feelings.
It takes courage to speak our minds. We lie to ourselves and eventually convince us with statements like "it's OK he/she loves me, may be he/she didn't mean it" 
And it leads to resentment.
The secret to emotional health is to tell the person that they hurt you. Allow them to be apologetic about it. And even if they are not, be the bigger stronger person and forgive them anyway. Let go of the hurt, don't get too emotional about it,  and move on. Do not spoil your subconscious.
Unexpressed spontaneous emotions, feelings keep getting suppressed, eventually get exaggerated or just no longer remain true. In our simple language it becomes "drama" .
Such repeated cycles create a havoc and turbulence of meaningless thoughts in our minds.
We start lieing to ourselves cause it helps in running away from the situation. And this eventually becomes a major cause of ruining any relationship. Most importantly the relationship you share with self is lost cause you are constantly playing mind games by being dishonest with ur self. 
Most commonly heard statement is "oh that's how terrible he/she is, I don't pay attention to him/her much" Uffffff... The biggest lie ever told to yourself. 
The statement sounds as if the person has shown acceptance towards unfair treatment but is it really an acceptance or pretence that I'm a strong person and this unfair behaviour doesn't bother me anymore??? 
It's better to tell the person that they hurt you. Else these supressed emotions come out in  most unexpected ugly way and ruin your goodtimes
Ever noticed such people constantly cursing,using abusive language,talking behind back,. being the victim of self pity,  enjoying ego massages and at times being the rebel?!!
Do yourself a big favour "confront".say things honestly, be upfront but also keep in mind u arent being rude , mean to the other person while expressing your grief. Say it in a way that if those things were said to you, it won't make u feel disrespectful or sad. No-one else but you are responsible for your emotional health. Take charge of it before it's too late.