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About Me

I come from a simple middle class Maharashtrian family. Born and raised in Malad with traditional values by my parents – a banker and a home maker.

I’m extremely lucky to have compassionate loving parents whose only dream has been to see my elder sister and me grow, evolve and bloom from little girls into who we are today.

Schooling was at a Marathi pathshala very close to my house. School was all about learning with a strong focus on art and sports rather than making students into book worms.

I grew up studying shlokas, prayers and teachings from the Vedas, Hindustani Classical Music and Marathi literature and poetry. Sanskrit was compulsory in high school. All this makes me a proud ambassador of my heritage and culture wherever I go.

Me music fashion and entertainment
I started learning vocal classical music and won several interschool singing competitions. A few event organisers approached me to sing in their shows. I faced an audience as a professional singer at the tender age of 9.

Next came appearances on several music reality shows mixed in with interschool dance and drama competitions as I continued to bloom.

I went to Sathye College to study Commerce, but by 16 I had figured out that books and studying were not my thing. I started working on myself by reading magazines, watching fashion and modeling related shows on TV.

In 2005, at the age of 19, I won the Miss Mumbai contest and my journey as a model began.

I went from having to make a choice between a 3 rupee wada pav to hopping on a bus after a tiring day at college, now it was about choosing which heels to wear for which audition.

2006 transformed my life when my prayers were answered and my hard work paid off. My dream of becoming Miss India, representing my nation in Miss Earth and winning an international pageant came true.

It was easy to achieve but wasn’t easy to survive. But I had blind faith in myself and strength in my wings. I knew I could fly higher and higher to rise and shine bright.

I auditioned for movies nothing interesting came my way. In 2010 Hide n Seek released but it did not make any difference to my career graph. So it was back to modeling.

Judged a Marathi celebrity reality show, followed by a very interesting Marathi movie. This helped me see my true calling as an actress. It was a political murder mystery and a deglam role - satya savitri satyavan.

I sang the promotional track of the film, and was nominated as a debut singer for Radio Mirchi music awards 2013.

Meanwhile I also started visiting various cities in India for dance performances and appearances and as a celebrity grooming expert. Met many people with eyes full of dreams who reminded me of my teenage years.

I decided to write for Maharashtra times as a columnist. Besides diet & fashion tips the editor gave me a free hand to write about spirituality and my personal journey which helped me evolve. I was happy to have a readership that took my ideas and words to the smallest of villages in Maharastra. My writing allowed me to reach houses where women and men had no idea of Mumbai or the glamour industry.

As a spiritual seeker I started doing various courses – and met several spiritual gurus along the way… not to attain Buddha-hood or seek God but simply to find out about myself and my personal mission on this earth – about true and everlasting strength and happiness. I started meditating and grew stronger in faith and surrendered more and more to the divine plan of the universe.

Fears to philosophy
I worked on my extreme water phobia with immense determination and conquered it.

I was petrified of animals and dogs, so I started riding horses and lead Team India for the flag off ceremony at international polo match 2016 between Team India vs Argentina.

I was scared of heights. So I learnt flying. I now fly a Cessna172 single engine aircraft and hold license of a private pilot (PPL).
My philosophy can best be explained by my phoenix tattoo from the Punjabi prayer Ikk Onkar
"nirbhau – no fear. Nirvair – no hatred.

Through this journey I have realised that I am a people person. I love meeting and interacting with people from different walks of life. I find happiness in motivating them understanding and reading their minds and helping them grow and succeed. Inspire and get inspired.

Every single day I ask myself one question.
Besides continuing my journey of becoming the best version of myself, what is it that i am doing for others? For society… For my nation… For the world…?

Do I have it in me to be compassionate and parent more and more people?
How many children can I be a parent to?
How many lives I can touch?
How many people will remember me when my physical presence will no longer be there on this planet????